Month: March 2022


Can a Student Take Out a Phone Contract

As a student, having a phone is almost as essential as textbooks and notebooks. However, when it comes to purchasing a phone, many students wonder whether they can take out a phone contract in their name. In this article, we will discuss whether students are eligible to take out a phone contract and what […]


Law Society Nsw Contract for Sale of Land 2019

The Law Society NSW Contract for Sale of Land 2019 is an important legal document for people looking to buy and sell property in New South Wales. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, and is designed to protect both the buyer and the seller throughout the transaction. At its core, […]


Like-Minded Agreement

When it comes to achieving success in any venture, surrounding oneself with people of like minds is crucial. The concept of “like-minded agreement” is one that cannot be overstated and is especially relevant in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Like-minded agreement can be defined as the mutual understanding and shared vision between individuals […]


Nominated Subcontractor Agreement Sample

When a construction project involves multiple parties, such as the owner, designer, contractor, and subcontractors, it is important to have clear agreements in place to ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. One such agreement is the nominated subcontractor agreement, which is a contract between the contractor and a subcontractor who has been […]